What Is The Best Rated Dishwasher 2021

The best rated dishwasher 2021 for your kitchen is the perfect option. These compact dishwashers will fit perfectly even in small areas, i.e., they can be put on the tabletop or even inside a small cupboard.

Now when you stroll through the market, you won’t get many choices regarding these tabletop dishwashers. On that account, our experts have tested and short-listed the best tabletop dishwashers in the UK, so you won’t have to make the decision all by yourself.

But first, let us examine how a tabletop dishwasher works if you haven’t dealt with any in the past.

Top 10 Best Rated Dishwasher for 2021 Reviews

1. Cookology Mini Counter top Tabletop Dishwasher

The top product on our list is the Cookology Mini Countertop Tabletop Dishwasher that’ll fit perfectly in your kitchen’s corner or even in a small cupboard. It looks incredibly stylish because of its sleek design and its color options of white, silver, and black.

The manufacturers have designed this product as a freestanding unit and have a width of 55cm, 50cm in-depth, and a height of 43.8cm. It has enough capacity to fit a single slide-out tray with six place settings, making it ideal for small families.

There are seven programmable cleaning cycles:

  • Intensive- The most brutal mode to clean extremely smudged utensils.
  • Normal- The standard mode for medium-smudged utensils.
  • ECO- The energy-efficient mode which decreases water and energy consumption.
  • Rapid- The rapid mode for utensils that are not that smudged and doesn’t need to be dried saves time.
  • 90-minutes- a more extended mode to clean the dishes thoroughly.
  • Glass- a gentle mode to take care of fragile utensils.
  • Self-cleaning- The mode which cleans the dishwasher all by itself.

When it comes to the installation process, you can set it up temporarily without plumbing in. First, you need to detach the kitchen tap’s aerator and attach a 22mm coupler. Now attach the dishwasher’s hose to the kitchen’s faucet to activate the water supply.

The slide-out tray also offers a distinctive basket for spoons, knives, forks, etc. Also, with the easy-to-see and use display, you won’t face any difficulty in using your dishwasher with convenience. In addition, there are indicators for all the seven programmable cycles on display.

2. Cookology CMDW2BK Mini Portable Dishwasher

For those in search of a highly compact, lightweight, and portable model, the Cookology CMDW2BK is the best mini dishwasher to consider. It comes with only two place settings, meaning it’s ideal for two people or a couple with a baby.

This mini dishwasher measures at just a width of 42cm, a depth of 43.5cm, and a height of 43.5cm. It means that you can fit this unit in any compact area with limited space, whether in a kitchen, a dorm room, or even a caravan.

If we talk about the functionalities of this dishwasher, then clearly, it’s pretty simple. However, it isn’t loaded with enhanced features that you might expect at this price. For example, you need to fill the water manually. However, you can also attach your unit to your kitchen’s tap utilizing an adapter.

The main feature of this dishwasher is the six cleaning programs, with each of them using about 5 liters of water. These cleaning programs include:

  • Baby Care- This mode is best to wash baby bottles gently.
  • Glass Wash- It uses steam to wash fragile utensils so they won’t get damaged.
  • Fruit wash- Specifically used to wash soft fruits such as different berries, peaches, etc.
  • 29-minute- This mode runs a hot water cycle for 29 minutes
  • 1-hour- It runs a rapid cycle for 60 minutes.
  • Eco- Reduces energy and water consumption.

One of the main drawbacks of this model is that it doesn’t contain a rinse aid. It only supports salt and washing detergents. Therefore, we recommend buying an all-in-one dishwasher at the same price for better cleaning outcomes.


  • This model comes with only two place settings, making it ideal for couples with a baby.
  • Due to its highly compact design, it can fit any small area.
  • It offers six cleaning programs, including baby care, glass, fruit wash, rapid 29 minutes, 1-hour, and ECO.
  • You can fill this unit with water manually to avoid water wastage.


  • Extremely compact model
  • Great for couples with a baby
  • Two place settings
  • Excellent portability
  • Manually fill with water
  • Six cleaning programs
  • Easy to use and install


  • Pretty basic model at a high price
  • Doesn’t contain a rinse aid

3. COMFEE’ Table Top Compact Dishwasher TD602E-S Mini Dishwasher

If you’re tired of your old dishwasher making those annoying noises every time you run a cycle, then you should go for the COMFEE’ Table Top Dishwasher. It’s the best low noise tabletop dishwasher, as it produces only 47dB of noise which you won’t even notice that much.

The construction quality of this model is pretty durable as the entire body has been constructed using plastic and metal. Also, this unit is freestanding, so you can easily move it around and have it installed without acquiring any professional help.

Its extremely compact design means that you won’t face any space issues as it will fit in any limited storage area. Also, its alluring looks will definitely complement your kitchen’s overall style. You can place it on any countertop or a medium-sized cupboard.

The main feature of this dishwasher is the handy racking system which allows the washing of 63 pieces of utensils at a time. In addition, it offers several washing programs such as Rapid, 90-minute, Universal, Intensive, ECO, and Glass.

Another notable feature is its extremely easy-to-use interface. The control panel has straightforward icons that are easily understandable, with indicators to remind you to refill your unit with a dishwasher salt whenever it runs out.

With the Delayed Start Function, you can delay your next cycle’s start to whatever time you prefer. You have the option to set this function from 1-24 hours. It means that you have great flexibility as well as an exceptional performance with excellent cleaning outcomes.


  • This model has an alluring appearance that will add more aesthetics to your kitchen.
    It offers a handy racking system, accommodating up to 63 plates and cutlery pieces.
    This model is straightforward to use with a control panel having easy-to-understand icons.


  • Durable construction
  • Freestanding form factor
  • Low noise levels
  • A+ energy efficiency
  • Thermospot technology
  • Oven safe up to 260 ̊C
  • Handy racking system
  • Six washing cycles options


  • Short power cable length
  • Requires additional support to connect with water supply

4. Klarstein Amazonia 6 Table Dishwasher

The Table Dishwasher from Klarstein Amazonia offers you an extremely aesthetic appearance that will dazzle your other kitchen appliances. In addition, it provides its users with six different wash programs, including intensive, regular, ECO, rapid, glass, 90-minute, and soaking modes.

The main feature of this tabletop dishwasher is its high power output which is 1380 watts. This power cleans your dishes and cutlery profoundly and effectively. Also, it’s a free-standing unit that you can also install permanently and can also be integrated.

The installation process is entirely straightforward, that you won’t even have to call out for a professional. It will only take about 10 minutes as no plumbing is required to install it. You need to attach a water supply and put the dirty water outlet in the sink, and you’re good to go.

This model holds an A+ energy rating which means that it will reduce your electricity and water consumption. The construction quality is also better than most of the competitors with the same price tag. In addition, using this dishwasher is also effortless as the interface is self-explanatory and nicely designed.

The LED lights are also embedded that indicate which mode is on and lets you know about the remaining time for the cycle. It will clean your pans, pots, and cutlery extensively with its great power. The only downside is that you won’t be able to fit any large dishes as the capacity isn’t that massive.


  • This dishwasher offers 1380 watts of power to clean your dishes effectively.
    It’s a free-standing unit that can also be installed.
    The interface is well-designed, having icons and three buttons.


  • Aesthetically designed
  • Freestanding unit
  • Exceptional quality
  • A+ energy rating
  • Six different wash programs
  • Clear and well-designed interface
  • Affordable unit


  • Not enough capacity for large dishes
  • You need to consider the internal measurements very carefully

5. Cookology Touch Control Compact Table Top Dishwasher

If you’re looking to increase the aesthetics of your perfect kitchen with a portable unit, the Cookology Touch Control Compact dishwasher is one of the most high-tech options. It’s an enhanced touch-control version of the top-rated mini dishwasher from the company.

It’s a plumbed dishwasher, but you can also fit it with a kitchen faucet. All you need is to attach the regular water hose or a dedicated adapter, depending upon the type of faucet and aerator. Then it would help if you plumbed the dirty water outlet down the sink, and you’re good to go.

You get six place settings with this unit, meaning that it’s enough for a small family with 3-4 people. Its attractive and high-tech design makes it ideal for any kitchen tabletop, a small cupboard, or even beneath the sink.

This model offers seven different wash cycle programs, including Intensive, Normal, Eco, Rapid, 90 Min, Glass, and Self-cleaning modes. In addition, it provides a delay timer setting which can be set between 1 to 24 hours to run a cycle automatically.

One of the most notable features of this model is the extra-dry technology. This technology is compatible with the intensive, normal, ECO, glass, and 90 min set. In addition, there’s also a child safety feature for people having kids around the house that locks the entire control panel.

Additionally, this unit features a rinse aid and a salt indicator. This feature notifies you when your dishwasher has run out of the rinse aid and salt so your washing cycle won’t be disturbed. Also, it includes a salt consumption setting, capable of limiting the salt intake according to the water’s hardness.


As a whole, it’s a plumbed dishwasher, but you can also fit it into your kitchen’s faucet.
You get seven types of washing cycles.


  • Best stylish design
  • Freestanding or built-in form factor
  • A+ energy efficiency
  • Enhanced touch-control version
  • Less water consumption
  • Six place settings
  • Seven washing cycles programs
  • Delay timer setting
  • Child lock option


  • You can’t fit some large utensils
  • The control panel can sometimes malfunction

6. Bosch SKS62E32EU Serie 4 Freestanding Compact Dishwasher

If you’re looking for a model that boasts superior noise reduction technology, then the Bosch Serie 4 table Top Dishwasher is the ideal option for you. The DosageAssist feature in this model makes sure that you get exceptional cleaning outcomes without too much noise.

The construction quality is exceptional as you get an entire unit made of stainless steel. It means that it will last for years without the materials wearing out. In addition, you get six place settings with adjustable racking, making it ideal for even bigger pots, pans, and plates.

The main feature of this unit is the six wash programs:

  • Extra drying- This mode increases the temperature during the final rinse cycle for hard-to-dry loads
  • Glass Protection technology- Gently cleans and dries your fragile utensils.
  • Eco- Saves water and energy.
  • VarioSpeed- It reduces the program times but uses more energy and water.
  • Auto Programmes- This mode automatically sets the preferred program for different utensils.
  • AquaStop- It protects your unit against any water damage.

With its silence plus feature, the motor will be making just 49dB of noise which you won’t even hear. This advanced motor helps get your unit to maximum efficiency for optimal performance. Also, thanks to the Load sensor feature, your appliance will use only the required amount of water in each cycle.

The only drawback of this model is the troublesome installation process. That’s why you’d need some professional help to get it working. However, as this model is freestanding, it can be easily moved from one place to another so that you can install it in the best suitable place.


  • The AquaStop system consists of a double-walled feed hose, a mechanical valve, and a visual display.
  • It offers auto programs that automatically select the suitable model for your dishes.
  • The advanced motor provides maximum efficiency and performance with low noise levels.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Six place settings with adjustable racking
  • Suitable for large utensils
  • Six wash programs
  • Glass protection technology
  • ExtraDry, Aquastop, and Variospeed feature
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • The installation process can be tricky
  • Expensive than other models

Buying Guide

1. Capacity

The capacity of a dishwasher depends upon its number of place settings. Generally, tabletop dishwashers have around two to eight place settings, having the capacity to accommodate every dish from a single meal for one to four persons.

In case that you’re a small family of a maximum of four individuals, then a unit with the right place settings is the right one for you. But if you’re on your own or live with your partner, then even a unit with two place settings will be enough for you.

These dishwashers can also be fitted into a home with more than five people. In this case, you only have to run more cycles than a regular dishwasher.


Your tabletop dishwasher should be extremely straightforward to install. It should be able to get attached to the kitchen tap and should drain in the sink. This way, you won’t even have to hire a plumber.

However, different dishwashers have different installation methods. Therefore, you should select the one with the most hassle-free installation. If you don’t choose the right one, you’ll have to call a professional to set it up, which will only waste your money.

Additionally, make sure that your dishwasher is offering all the parts required for the installation process. For example, some of the units come with the most necessary adapters and connectors, whereas you have to pay for them separately with some.

3. Size

Checking the size is also one of the most important factors to consider before buying a unit. You need to measure your available space where the dishwasher would be kept and buy the model accordingly.

The dishwasher’s size also determines how big the plates and dishes you can fit in it. If you have large kitchen utensils, then you should go for a larger unit. It will require a bit more area on the tabletop, but you will get to put even your large pots and pans.


Last but not least, you need to check how efficient your dishwasher is in terms of energy efficiency. The top tabletop dishwashers in the UK have Energy Class A+, which means that they’re excellent in reducing energy consumption. Of course, class A+ is not the highest rating, but it’s still better than most. They also reduce water consumption with their spray technology.


Buying a dishwasher will make your life much easier if you don’t like doing dishes after each meal. But getting a tabletop dishwasher is the best option for people in the UK who want to relish the convenience of this appliance while not breaking their bank.

You can install it temporarily or even permanently, depending upon your choice. Moreover, its compact size fits any small area and won’t even require professional skills to install it. So not only does it minimize your work in the kitchen, but it also does the job remarkably.

Hence, you can buy the one recommended by our experts or can even go with our short-listed options. It all depends upon your preference or requirements.

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